On Wisdom

    Wisdom is a fundamental human need because it help us solve the challenges we face in life.



    As Tiago Forte writes in his seminal piece on Progressive Summarization:


    “90% of the data we collect through experiences can be ignored, discarded, or forgotten. What is left over is wisdom — the distilled nuggets of insight that, when deployed in the real world by someone who knows how to use them, can uncompress into dazzling feats of accomplishment. These nuggets of wisdom apply across a wide range of situations, can be communicated from person to person, and even last for centuries as timeless works of art.


    But in a world of information overload, how do we access the right wisdom, at the right time, in a way that’s truly impactful?

    The Intimacy of Podcasts

    With podcasts - people found a new way to listen to, and gain wisdom from, the world’s greatest minds.


    We've all had incredibly intimate moments listening to a podcast with someone we admire - where we feel like they are talking directly to us - imparting their wisdom.


    But podcast's long form format is highly limiting when it comes to search, recall, and conversational context.


    What if the episode that creates this feeling comes at the wrong time in our life? How do we know where to look?

    The Rise of Digital Assistants

    With the rise of digital assistants and hearables, we’re entering a world where people will have 24hr access to their digital assistant.


    This provides a unique opportunity to create a new way to acquire wisdom:


    Ask your digital assistant what you need help with, and get connected with a relevant snippet of wisdom from one of the world’s greatest minds, recorded in their own voice, with all the emotion and emphasis that drives the point home.

    The Wise Words Platform

    Wise Words provides a new audio format that’s searchable, shareable, and succinct, whilst maintaining the magic of the original speaker’s voice.



    We are launching the new Wise Words mobile app - which allows authors, thought leaders, and influencers to record their key messages, insights, and wisdom as short form audio. The audio clips are available both in the app and also through digital assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. People can create playlists of their favourites to come back to - just like Spotify but for spoken word.


    Over 40,000 people a month listen to these audio clips across a growing number of Wise Words channels, and we are looking for launch partners who might be interested in recording content.


    If you're interested - we would love to invite you to the beta to record some clips - and get your feedback on how this new channel can help you build your audience.